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How To Play Acoustic Guitar For Beginners


How to Play Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

By: Rudy Susanto

For beginner guitar players who would want to learn how to play acoustic guitar for beginners, there are several lessons that they can check out over the internet. So, what should they...

Guitar Tuition Online


Do You Pay For Guitar Tuition Online?

By: Rudy Susanto

Many guitar players who may have searched for guitar lessons online will probably ask whether they are going to pay guitar tuition online when they opt to do online guitar lessons. There...

Beginner Songs For Guitar


Beginner Songs for Guitar – 10 Easy Songs That You Can Play!

By: Rudy Susanto

If you intend to learn how to play the guitar then you will need to learn and memorize the chords by heart as well as be able to use them to play some beginner...

Elixir Guitar Strings


Elixir Guitar Strings: The Best Choice!

By: Rudy Susanto

The brand Elixir and guitar are inseparable. The Elixir guitar strings are known to be the best choice for guitar players. The brand is synonymous to unsurpassed quality and durability....

Rogue Guitars


Rogue Guitars – How to Get the Best Deals

By: Rudy Susanto

When looking to get the best price when looking the best acoustic Rogue guitars, then you need to consider about making your purchase from the web. There are hundreds of acoustic...

Mcpherson Guitars


Why to Choose McPherson guitars?

By: Rudy Susanto

The choice of guitars is not difficult, but certainly confusing at times because there are quite a lot of options in terms if brands and quality. McPherson guitars have been one of the most...

Mitchell Guitars


Mitchell Guitars – How to Select One

By: Rudy Susanto

If you are just starting to learn how to play a guitar, then a Mitchell guitar will be the most appropriate guitar to use for your lessons. Nonetheless, when selecting one you need...

Best Acoustic Guitars


Finding the Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

By: Rudy Susanto

Finding the best acoustic guitars can prove to be a challenge since every store that sells acoustic guitars are stuff up to the ceiling with them. However, there are certain and...

Eastman Guitars


Eastman Guitars – How to Make Your Selection

By: Rudy Susanto

If you have been looking for classic guitars that have been personally handcrafted then you need to consider choosing Eastman guitars. These are the latest add on in the market...

Guitar Parts Resource


Choosing the Best Guitar Parts Resource Store

By: Rudy Susanto

In choosing the best guitar parts resource store, you should first learn the different parts of a guitar. Even if there are many types of guitars such as classical, electric, acoustic,...